Intelligent Outdoor Lighting

Amazing FeaturesCustomizable – Incredible Experience!

Custom Colors & Warm White

Virtually unlimited colors and animation options, RGB + W includes a Warm White LED. You can Mix and match RGB + W to get a full array of colors to celebrate Christmas, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, and every Holiday and Event! Use the warm white for soft ambient architectural lighting, all year round.

Custom Permanent Track

Track that is color matched to blend into soffit and fascia, making the system almost invisible when off. Different types of track available to match any soffit and fascia need. LED lights last a long time but if something goes wrong each light has waterproof connections that make changing lights a snap.

Custom App

The Intelligent Outdoor Lighting is controlled by a proprietary iOS and Android App that integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google SmartThings. Our App allows you to control your lights using the Cloud from anywhere, allowing you to unlock your creative potential!

Best Warranty

LED's last an estimated 50,000 hours and track is designed to last even longer. But should a light need to be replaced, simply disconnect the waterproof connection and snap in a new light. We offer a full 3-year parts and labor warranty!


The Intelligent Outdoor Lighting is fully dimmable allowing you to set it from full brightness to a dim glow at the touch of a button on the App.

Architectural Lighting

You have complete control. Choose to turn on a few specific lights, their brightness, and color to suit your taste.

Animations & Color Schemes

You can choose from premade animations that incorporate light shifts, patterns, and fades with colors for specific events. With full control you can set your own animations so fit your style.


The Intelligent Outdoor Lighting offers cost savings through low-voltage LED lights that last up to 50,000 hours. The LED lights use much less energy compared to standard string lights. And you don’t need to put up, or take down lights again!


Our LEDs and components utilize UV protection to ensure long life from -40 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Track is powder coated aluminum which won’t rust. Our products are ETL certified in the USA and Canada.

How do your lights compare?

With Our Intelligent Outdoor Lighting, the Possibilities are Nearly Endless!

Easy to Use, Full-Color Spectrum

Individually Addressable Lights

Pre-set Patterns and Animations

Set Timers for any Season or Event